Our projects are grounded within a futuristic ecological thought. — We dissolve the boundaries between human and nature by design.

Our projects are situated within an environment of giving and taking. — We work with nature, using environmental friendly or circular materials.

Our projects are fostered by intersectional networks. — We are an intersection of interior design and landscape architecture.

The name of our practice originates from ‘interior landscapes’ as we see architecture as a continuation of, and interventions in nature. Studio Inscape is based on the eco-philosophical thought of a balance between the mental, social and environmental that we aim to implement in the ‘scapes’ that we design.

Studio Inscape was founded by Charlotte von Meijenveldt, Willie Vogel and Eileen Stornebrink in 2018 prior to graduating from the Delft University of Technology in 2020. We are experienced in designing spatial strategies, installations and experiences that focus on human-non-human interactions.

Trained as architects and urbanists, we aim to translate eco-philosophical theory to practice within the built environment. In doing so we enjoy working collectively with ecologists, anthropologists and philosophers, amongst other professions, and with other design practices.

photo by Jord de Kat Angelino